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Increase Productivity, Reliability And Your Driver Pool
Switch From A Manual To An Allison Automatic

Join the "Free the Left Foot" movement with fleet owners around the world by converting manual transmission vehicles to vehicles that rely on the reliable, rugged, fully automatic Allison transmissions with our patented converter. Converted fleets are able to get more work done, decrease downtime and better retain and recruit qualified drivers.

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A Proven Winner For Trucking Companies Everywhere

Learn how Allison fully automatic transmissions are helping trucking companies get more work done and increase profits.

Do More In Less Time

Allison Automatics accelerate faster than manual transmissions, allowing your fleet to move faster and operate at higher average speeds, meaning more loads per day. More loads mean greater productivity and better profit margins.

Improve Productivity, Increase Profits
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Quicker Acceleration Means Allison Automatics Can Provide Up To 20% More Productivity
Manuals Accelerate Slower, Which Means Reduced Productivity

Reliability Matters

When the work is tough, we’re at our best. Designed for durability and low maintenance, an Allison Automatic delivers in the toughest situations.

  • Extended service intervals keep you on the job longer
  • No mechanical clutch pedal means there is less wear and tear on all parts of the drivetrain
  • Smooth reliable power to the wheels
  • Fewer breakdowns, increased productivity and more miles between scheduled maintenance
  • More than 100 years of engineering advanced propulsion solutions
  • Trusted by more than 300 OEMs worldwide

Expand Your Driver Pool And Increase Safety

Today’s drivers are less familiar with driving manuals. This is not a problem with an Allison Automatic. Whether your drivers are experienced or new recruits, everyone benefits from more precise, safer handling and improved comfort. An Allison fully automatic transmission allows greater control on the job site including:

  • Improved maneuverability to creep in soft soil and navigate tight spaces
  • Better movement on hills with 2nd Reverse and more control on steep grades providing immediate engagement and vehicle hold while the engine is restarted

Once behind the wheel of a vehicle with no clutch pedal, drivers are more alert and in tune with the truck, leading to increased driver retention and better safety records. Even for experienced drivers, a Free Left Foot leads to fewer distractions, less leg strain and decreased fatigue. Additionally, the ease of use makes it easier to recruit and retain drivers who are less familiar with driving manual transmissions.

Save With PayDirt Incentives

Through March 31, 2018, new Allison Transmission construction customers can receive PayDirt incentives for each new vehicle purchased. Click below for details.

Learn More About Allison Fully Automatic Transmissions

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